Founder : Frederic Meyer and Avril Production


Frederic Meyer is an entrepreneur originally from Paris. In 1999 he was appointed Director of Research and Development of the Blue Elephant Group based in Belgium. During his time with Blue Elephant Group he spearheaded the expansion of the restaurant brand into various countries, a cooking school, and a global grocery line. 


In 2004 Meyer left Blue Elephant Group and created Avril Production, representing major international DJ stars and entertainers, such as Claude Challe, Martin Solveig, and Ravin from Buddha Bar Paris, amongst others, and producing music compilations. Presently Avril represents its DJ’s and entertainers in Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and produces compilations for clients such as The Ritz Paris, Six Senses, Starwood, Sofitel, etc.  Avril’s compilations are sold in over 62 countries around the world. 


In 2011, Meyer teamed up with long-time friend, Chef Ian Kittichai, to create the award-winning Issaya Siamese Club restaurant and lounge in Bangkok.  In May 2014 they opened the Issaya Cooking Studio in partnership with Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliances and Issaya La Patisserie in Bangkok.  In June 2014 Frederic and Ian again joined forces to create the playful Asian gastro bar, Namsaah Bottling Trust. 


Meyer and Avril Production’s first cookbook collaboration with Chef Ian Kittichai, Issaya Siamese Club: Innovative Thai Cuisine by Chef Ian Kittichai, was released in April 2013 and placed in the top 3 for the Best Cookbook of The Year by the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.  


In 2014 Meyer opened the acclaimed Bangkok pizza restaurant, Pizza Massilia. In 2015 he opened Bordier Selection Cheese and Butter, the thought-provoking art gallery, YenakArt Villa, in Bangkok, Issaya Siamese Club in Hong Kong, and Lation Family Cuisine restaurant Manda de Laos in Luang Prabang.


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Chef : Goro Takatsu

The executive chef, Goro Takatsu, is based on traditional Japanese food and he has unique modern cooking technique with chef experiences in Europe. In 1994, Chef Goro graduated from Nagoya Cooking College and started his profession in Japan. He established his professional cooking skills of “Kaiseki” food in “Ryotei” and Japanese restaurants. (“Kaiseki” refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, and are reminiscent of Western haute cuisine. A ryotei is a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant.) Since 2000, Goro went to Mexico and Peru. After one year, Goro moved to Madrid. During the period of time staying in different cities out of Japan, Goro learned new modern cooking technique and international creativity of food. In 2015, Chef Goro joins Kom-Ba-Wa. Chef Goro brings the contemporary Japanese food experience.